Dear visitors, on March 16, 2020 we are CLOSING Pot med krošnjami Pohorje for visitors until cancelation.
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For groups

Are you planning a trip?

Are you planning a school trip, excursion, sporting or educational event for the pupils or students of your school? Are you organising an excursion for tourist association, gardening club or citizens of your city? Season never ends at Rogla and the Treetop Walk Pohorje is a sought-after destination and guarantee of a unique experience.


The Tree Top Walk Pohorje welcomes little visitors from kindergartens and grade and high schools.

We offer the best classroom right under the tree tops. Children can experience the taught subject all around them; they will learn to properly perceive nature and understand it. They will understand what makes a forest what it is, when it regenerates, what it can and cannot endure, what people must and mustn’t do to preserve it. Our programs fit into the curriculum of all school levels.

Teachers will welcome the great number of information boards with both text and pictures that even the youngest children can understand.

If you are interested in a guide service, just simply contact us!

Large groups

Do you want to head to the tree tops in a large group while using the guide service?

If there is more than 15 of you, we offer you a discount!

Price list for groups

Travel groups (over 15 Persons) (price for person) 8 €
Groups (reduced) price over 15 Persons
(children from 3 to 14 years old, persons over 65 years old, holders of ZTP/P – severe health disability requiring special care card + accompanying person for free)
7 €
School groups
(youngs up to 19 years of age, price per person)
7 €

For each 15 tickets bought, you will get 1 ticket for the Tree Top Walk FOR FREE.